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The Digital HUB is dedicated to the digital transformation of industries, providing curated insights in practical applications of AI and Machine Learning, Crypto Assets and Blockchain. I hope that you enjoy the letter and please provide feedback and feel free to connect with me here.

The Takeaway: Going by the headlines and robust venture funding, despite the downturn, we are seeing the breakout for AI and data science technologies. Generative AI techniques are creating artwork, essays, research reports, images, and videos. As an AI technology and industry specialist for more than a decade, I’d say, we are just getting started. Why? Although AI technologies have matured, deployment in industries – the digital transformation – at scale is the main challenge. In a recent article, I offer a formula for digital transformation consisting of three main pillars: 1) ability to execute, 2) digital DNA capabilities, and 3) skills development program. These pillars are key for successful AI deployment and ROI. In this issue, we focus on new AI trends with our expert panel, so read on…

Note: In this issue, all images were generated by AI, all content were produced by Human experts.

How Can Industries Surf the Digital Tsunami?

Article by Mehrzad Mahdavi. AI Image by DALL-E

The “Digital Tsunami” is here. The pace of what we call the Digital Tsunami is accelerating due to explosion of technologies such as AI, Internet of Things (IoT), and the Cloud. On the receiving side, industries are under immense pressure to adapt to the increasingly digital landscape to be the market leader, among other business objectives. Read More

ChatGPT in Finance: Which One of Us is the Sidekick?


Article by Cordell Tanny.  Image created by Stable Diffusion AI, Prompt: ChatGPT in Finance

As a financial data practitioner, I wanted to evaluate ChatGPT for finance use cases.  Result? ChatGPT is an incredibly useful tool for brainstorming ideas and to even help with your coding  or the related mathematics.  But, my real question is: can ChatGPT be a threat to my intellectual property?So, I asked ChatGPT how it would go about solving one of my recent finance projects.  Results? here.


The Uncanny Ability of Large Language Models to Disrupt the Economics of Business

Large Language Models (LLMs) can significantly disrupt how knowledge is generated and organized impacting all aspects of work, art, business, investing, and so on.  We don’t even know where the progress will level off! Many of the innovations in AI brought about by LLMs were actually complete surprises to the creators of those models!  More in my article here...


Article by Don Hejna. AI Image by DALL-E


Quantum Physics: From Philosophy to Quantum Computing

Article by Mehrzad Mahdavi. AI Image by DALL-E

The 2022 Nobel Prize for Physics – awarded to three experimental physicists: Alain Aspect, John Clauser and Anton Zeilinger – evoked a lot of thoughts and emotions.  As a grad student, I studied quantum mechanics – the laws for particle interactions at the nuclear level.  Now, I marvel at the philosophy of what rules the sub-atomic world VS the “real” world.   Well, in the form of quantum computing, the two are coming together by harnessing the “entanglement” theory of quantum mechanics!  Implications are huge – massive AI based applications in drug discovery to future of energy to general artificial intelligence to name a few.  Stay tuned, I will publish some more in this area...


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